IMPORTANT: December Order Processing Times Will Be Increasing

As many know, we're having a baby in December! As a small (small, small, small) business, this means we will need to increase order processing times in December. If you are planning on giving our notebooks this holiday season, we recommend ordering by November 30th to ensure you get them on time!

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New Party Packs!

Notebook party packs are now available! Get a discount when you buy for the whole table!

We also have a new DM Pack, for those of us who want all the different DM notebooks!

Let's See Those Sweet Deals!

Notebook of Holding

Keep all your item cards in one place with the Notebook of Holding! This mini notebook is made with cardstock so that you can pass the item to whoever needs it in your party! Check it out!

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Player's Campaign Journals

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Accessories: Covers, Discs, Washi Tape & Stickers

Accessories: Covers, Discs, Washi Tape & Stickers

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Dungeon Master's Campaign Journals

Dungeon Master's Campaign Journals

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Build Your Own

While we don't offer customization, we do offer all the necessities to build your own custom notebook! Pick your discs, cover, and pages here!

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