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Opening April 15th!


Staring April 15th and running until April 28th, we'll allow you to BUILD YOUR OWN dream notebook! Something like this would usually cost $80 (and that's if you JUST buy page packs and nothing else), but we're offering it for $69 + Free Shipping!

Each notebook will include:

  • One Cover Design (Your Choice; we've even add new cover designs!)
  • One Plastic Protective Cover
  • One Chipboard Back Cover
  • 8 Black Discs
  • Two Transparency Sheets
  • One set of Tab Stickers (Your Choice)
  • 5 Sections of Page Packs, each containing 16 pages (totalling 180 pages front and back of your choice)

Available for both Gamemasters and Players!

Plus we have new minimalist styles releasing at the SAME TIME (hence why I've been so busy lately!)

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If this sale goes well, we'll make it an annual one, but otherwise this might be your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to build your own notebook!


New Cover Designs!

Check them out here!
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  • Potion Tokens

    No more "what's the dice roll for a potion of healing?" These tokens contain the dice roll on their tags. PLUS they pop right into your discbound notebook so you don't lose them!

    Heal up with these! 
  • DM Inspiration Tokens

    Hand out inspiration tokens to your players that they won't lose!

    Pass out the inspo! 
  • Bardic Inspiration Tokens

    Bards Rejoice! No longer will you need to remind your barbaric friend that they have 1d10 inspiration. They'll have it on a convient, not so easy to lose card that you can even write the dice type on! Ain't that nifty?

    Sing your praises with these 
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Accessories: Covers, Discs, Washi Tape & Stickers

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International Shipping Only Available Through Etsy

We're resuming international shipping through our Etsy shop! With our new packaging, we're hoping that packages will arrive in better condition than our experiences in the past. This means that journals will ship unassembled. 

Here are some other important details:

▪️ 🌐International shipping is only available through Etsy.
This is because Etsy handles all the tax related stuff for each country so we don't have to. As a small business this saves me the headache.

▪️ 📦Tracking gets weird...
When shipping internationally through Etsy, tracking is through USPS, however, once USPS hands the package over to your country's postal service tracking WILL STOP. This is because USPS does not have access to the tracking system in your country. But don't worry! Your package will still arrive. It usually takes about a week or two for it to get through customs and to your door once the tracking stops.

▪️ ⏳It will take a while.
Even if you order expediated shipping, your order will take a while to arrive. We recommend that you order way in advance if you need it by a certain date. Orders can typically take 2-4 weeks but in the past we have seen it take longer if issues arise. Please give it some time before reaching out to us.

To place an international order please go here.

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