Crimson Kindred | Vampire the Masquerade Player's Notebook

Vampire the Masquerade Notebook

Kindred welcome our newest notebook for fans of VTM. Take notes and track relationships for your coterie now!

Get Yours Here
  • Guiding Light for the GM | Pathfinder 2e Discbound Notebook for Gamemasters

    Pathfinder GMs REJOICE!

    A notebook made just for you so that you can run your PF 2e campaign. This notebook takes our standard Dungeon Master Notebook but tailors it to Pathfinder! You get everything: world building, NPC pages, Session prep, monsters and more!

    Get yours here! 
  • Traveler's Ambition | Pathfinder 2e Player's Notebook

    A PF2e Player's Dream

    We took that rather hard to look at character sheet and redesigned it in this beauty! Like its D&D counterpart, this notebook has room for everything you want to keep track of: people, locations, notes, character sheet, maps and more!

    Take a look at our take on the character sheet 
  • Farmer's Almanac to a Digital Harvest | Farming Sim Notebook for games like Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons, Stardew Valley and more

    For the Digital Harvest!

    Look, we'd be lying if we said we didn't make this for ourselves. This notebook is designed to work with popular farming and lifstyle simulation games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory and more!

    We're working on additional page packs so that you can customize this notebook to fit the video game you're playing (without stepping on copyright toes), but you can pick up yours now to add pages to later!

    Get your farming on! 
  • Luma Terra for Candela Obscura

    Trying Critical Role's new ttrpg system Illuminated Worlds? This notebook is designed to work with Candela Obscura! The best part? The dry erase sheets so you aren't destroying your character sheet!

    Check it out here! 

New Pages Packs for our New Journals are In the Works!

We're busy designing page packs for our newest journals (that's Luma Terra, Farmer's Almanac, Traveler's Ambition, Guiding Light for the GM and Crimson Kindred). Please be paitent with us are we design them! Please consider still purchasing the new notebooks and leaving us feedback as well! We're always looking to improve and would love feedback on the new notebooks!

Drop us a note about the new journals here!

International Shipping Through Etsy!

We're shipping internationally again only through our Etsy shop! Learn all the details here!

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  • Potion Tokens

    No more "what's the dice roll for a potion of healing?" These tokens contain the dice roll on their tags. PLUS they pop right into your discbound notebook so you don't lose them!

    Heal up with these! 
  • DM Inspiration Tokens

    Hand out inspiration tokens to your players that they won't lose!

    Pass out the inspo! 
  • Bardic Inspiration Tokens

    Bards Rejoice! No longer will you need to remind your barbaric friend that they have 1d10 inspiration. They'll have it on a convient, not so easy to lose card that you can even write the dice type on! Ain't that nifty?

    Sing your praises with these 
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