Shifting to Chipboard Back Covers!

PLEASE NOTE as of Oct 1st 2023, we've begun transitioning to chipboard back covers. That means you may not get two plastic covers because we feel you only need one for the front to protect the front cover design. Therefore the video below is a tad dated. But the process is still the same!For more details on the shift to chip board, please click the button below.

More on the chipboard transition.

Watch this video!

Here's list of steps if you don't want to watch the video!

How to Assemble Your Notebook

Ensure You Received All the Pieces

Remove your notebook and discs from your packaging! All pages should be in the correct order, with the two plastic covers in the back and the 8 discs in a separate bag.

If you're missing anything, please contact us!

Place the Plastic Covers Back To Back

Place the plastic covers back to back and insert the black discs into each mushroom shaped hole. Typically the smooth side of the plastic covers should face outward.

Pop the Rest of the Pages In a Few at a Time!

Push down on either side of the mushroom hole for the best traction. Don't worry if the first section causes the discs to fall out. The more pages you have in the notebook, the sturdier your notebook will be!