Shop Updates

Processing Times Back on Track!

We recently increased order processing time for December. This was because we had a baby on December 4th! The holiday orders have settled down so we're now able to return to our regular processing time of 1-3 days. Thank you so much for understanding! It gave me the much needed time to adjust to being a first time mom and juggling my business during the busiest season. Here's what the return means:
  • Orders will be processed in the the order recieved within 1-3 days. This time does not include shipping time, which will depend on the shipping method you choose at check out.
  • Restocking will occur weekly. I have always tried to restock weekly and will continue to do that. If you see something that is out of stock, I recommend signing up for an email notification using the button on the out of stock product. You don't have to message me and in fact, I recommend not messaging me. I check stock levels every day and am aware when something is out of stock. Unfortunately, if you message me, that means I have to spend time answering you instead of making journals to restock! That's why I added a button so that you'll automatically be notified when I adjust the quantity with the restock. I always try to have the store fully stocked by Fridays. 
There’s no such thing as maternity leave when you own a small business of one. So there may still be times in the next couple of months where I fall behind. I will try my best to notify anyone that it affects but as always, if you have questions about your order, please reach out, either via message or email! 

Happy Adventuring,




New Paper Changes

(Updated From Oct 2022)

Over the course fo the next few months, we will be tranisitioning to a new type of paper. Currently this mainly effects DM sized journals and page packs, but will slowly affect Player's notebooks too. 

Essentially, we've hired a local printing company to print and cut our pages for us. Don't worry we'll still be doing everything else (covers, punching and assembly), but this allows us more time to design new things for the shop! It's very hard to match commercial paper and consumer paper types, but in the end we found a paper type that we actually like more. (Also this saves us printer and paper cutting headaches.)

What this means for you:

  • If you purchased a notebook prior to 2022, your paper type will be slightly glossier and whtier than the new paper. 
  • The new paper should fit your notebook BETTER than before (no more slightly off cuts from our hand paper trimmer).
  • We've found that unless you are comparing them side by side, the differeneces are not major, but we know that this can bother some. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We predict all paper to be fully transitioned by early 2023. 

If you have questions, or concerns, please email us directly at!


You can also watch this update (and see a few other updates) in this video: