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Printable Session Notes Pages

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This printable session notes sheet is based on our digital notebooks! These are designed for US letter-sized paper (8.5x11 inch paper). 

Our printables are a condensed, simpler form of our printed stock! If you’re looking for things like spell cards, class-based sheets, and more, we offer them as physical copies only. We do not have plans to offer the exact same designs as our physical journals (as that would detract from our physical sales). Thank you for understanding and helping our small business thrive!

Since this is a digital download, all sales on this item are FINAL and non-refundable due to digital products' immediate access and nature! Digital products are for personal use only. By purchasing this item, you are granted one non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive license to use the product. You agree not to copy, reproduce, redistribute, alter, modify, share with a third party, display the content publicly, or create derivative works of Digital and Printable Products.


This is a digital product! That means nothing will be shipped to you! You'll recieve a digital download link after checkout, in your email and attached to your Cantrips Media account.

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Due to the immediate access and nature of digital goods, all sales on digital products are final. We will be unable to accept returns on digital goods.

How To I Get My Download?

You'll get a special download link after check out as well as in your email. You'll also be able to log into your Cantrips Media account to access your files there.

For more tips, tricks and tutorials, visit our How To Use Our Digital Notebooks page!

Terms of Use

Digital Products are for personal use only.

By purchasing a digital product, you are granted one (1) non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive license to use the Product. You agree not to copy, reproduce, redistribute, alter, modify, share with a third-party, display the content publicly, or create derivative works of Digital Products. We've worked hard on our digital products and encourage you to support our small business by purchasing them!

All sales of Digital Products are final.

Due to the immediate access and nature of digital products, no refunds will be allowed. 


The content of all Digital Products are based on my knowledge and research under transformative fair use. While we have attempted to ensure accuracy, there may be typos, errors or other inaccuracies. We assume no responsibility for such errors and omissions. However, if you find an error of this nature, we encourage you to reach out to Thank you!

About Cantrips Media

Cantrips Media is owned by me, Kylie. I'm a stationery nerd, but also just a gaming nerd. While acting as Dungeon Master for my campaign, I found the need for more organization. I loved bullet journaling and discbound journals a lot and decided to start creating my own. That's how Cantrips Media was born. I work out of my home near Pittsburgh, PA and am lucky enough to be able to do this full-time. You can learn more about us here.

Kylie D.

It's crazy that I have to update this after this section staying the same for almost 3 years. I no longer do everything, though I am still the brains behind everything. Most page designs and decisions are made by me, and though we are now a company of TWO people, I still help with a lot of the day to day stuff too. 

We no longer work out of my home (I KNOW CRAZY), but we're still in PA. I'm a dungeon master, a player, a cat-lover, and an all-around nerd. Now I'm also a Mom! When I have free time, I love playing video games with my husband or my niece and nephews, reading a good book, or designing new ways to  destroy challenge my players. 

Your support of the shop supports me and my growing family, as well as helps me fulfill my dreams of both running a successful business and a creative one. Your support also helps me make sure that my sister recieves a fair wage for her talents (most of the artwork for stickers and tokens is all her), and hopefully I'll be able to increase her wage as well as bring on more help and support them as well.

Thank you for all the support no matter how big or small it's been these last 5 years. It truly means a lot to me. 

Happy Adventuring,



Autumn C.

Autumn is a fantastic artist and amazing creative. While she's a big gaming and anime nerd, she's not as familiar with TTRPGs, (though her sister has definitely made her play D&D a few times). Her main jobs at Cantrips Media is to assemble journals (which is still a very handmade process) and pack orders. She also designs stickers and visual assets that help turn Kylie's crazy, wacky ideas into reality! She owns her own sticker shop W0nkk0 stickers on Etsy and also can be found on Instagram and YouTube as @artchiu.

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